Hello everyone,welcome to my first blog post.I am very excited and happy to write this blog couse can’t wait mention about my new project.First of all,before diving the subject l am Burak Bacacı who owner Bacaci Taban.We have been making sole production since 1993,when l opened my instagram account,many peaple who found 
me on instagram,genarally asked me that was it possible to send us more parts of shoe which means mould,insole,heel exc.Finnaly,l prepared something that you like.In my humble decision,l decided to supply some parts of shoe.which means,l still work with my foregin clients and some of them wants me supply more materials therefore as you can see the pictures l have shared some materias that you need. Let me explain,l have put mould,insole,plastic heel,wood heel,”leather cover”which it useful for covering plastic or wooden heel.I started to supply them cause i think theese are very appropriate materials that you need all time.Moreover,let me tell you how can you take theese materials.Now,we talk about main part of shoe which is called insole.This is very important issue as you all know,cause insole is the one of the most comman part of shoe’s structure.Quality and correct insole makes the shoes very comfortable,therefore you can see sligtly the differences between using correct insole or wrong.thus if you have difficulty to find this kind of material you are free to contact me in order to catch standard.Thus contact info@bacacitaban.com.Secondly we keep going mould,mould is the most comman part of shoe.in my humble opinion,some masters say,”if you dont understand improtance of the mould,you cannot start to make shoe.Some masters sometimes make their mould 2-3 times.if you want to get your mould make,just send me a picture which you like or send me shoe that you’re gonna make if you wonder what l am talking about please you visit mould.Thirdly,we talk about plastik heels,as you see the pictures, there are various kind of plastic heel that l can supply.You send me picture again or send me mould doesnt matter.l do it whatever you want.Don't hesitate if l didnt overcome this process just try me.We carry on wood heels,this is the my lovest part. We can give a shape the wooden heel what you imagine and if you want we can suplly only wood but if you want we can cover with leather around the heel and finishing by the colours that you want.

  İn a result,some of my resource in europe,shoe makers're are good at handmade shoes.However,some parts of shoe have'nt done by hand cause some parts must be standart.I believe,masters have difficult to find standart materials so they try to make by hand thus they spend thier valuable time by handmade production.I totally agree handmade production however you have to use some standard parts when you make your own handmade shoe.